Effing Worms

Forget about the zombie apocalypse. What we really need to fear is the killer worm apocalypse! Effing Worms 1 turns this fear into a reality, with you behind the controls! Get ready to take over the world with your worm and grow him into a mega killing machine!

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Play Effing Worms


You play as an ugly little worm, with a taste for blood. Direct your worm toward the surface of the earth and eat everything in sight! Watch out for the bombs and mines though. Your worm is strong, but not immortal!


Use your keyboard to direct your worm in the direction you want it to go.

  • A,S,D,W keys – to move your worm up, down, left, and right.
  • Space bar – pauses the game

Effing Worms 1

Levels and Upgrades

As you complete each level, the Evolution Center shop unlocks. You can purchase upgrades to make your worm more powerful, faster, increase its health, and so much more!

  • Evolution Center 1 - Choose between Sleek Skin or Tough Skin power ups. Sleek Skin gives your worm an additional 20% speed increase, while Tough Skin gives your worm a 50% health boost.
  • Evolution Center 2 - Choose between Fat Tissue and Adrenaline. Fat Tissue will eliminate any hunger pains your worm gets, and the Adrenaline power-up will grant your worm a 2 times rampage speed bonus.
  • Evolution Center 3 - Choose between Inward or Outward Spikes. Inward spikes will grant your worm with a 20% speed boost. Outward Spikes will help you kill more!
  • Evolution Center 4 - Choose between a Small or Big Tail. The Small Tail buff grants your worm with an additional 20% speed boost, while the Big Tail buff grants him with an additional 50% health boost.
  • Evolution Center 5 - Choose between a Fat Head or Giant Teeth. The Fat Head power-up decreases the amount of damage your worm takes from bombs by as much as 30%. The Giant Teeth gives your worm a larger mouth, allowing him to eat more to gain more points!
  • Evolution Center 6 - Choose between Gimpy Wings or Badass Wings. The Gimpy Wings gives you an additional 50% score bonus as you kill. The Badass Wings gives your worm flying powers!

Effing Worms

Effing Wings 1 only has 6 levels, plus a bonus level. The bonus level, appropriately named the Sandbox Mode, appears at the end of level 6. During the Sandbox mode, you can use the buffs from the Evolution Center 6 shop and watch your worm fly through the air or gain a ton of score points!

Hacks and Cheats

There are many hacks and cheats available for Effing Worms 1. Here’s a few we can share with you!

  • Press the H key to toggle your health on or off
  • Press the shift key to activate instant rampage