Effing Worms 4

New York City has one of the largest New Year’s Eve bashes in the world – and in Effing Worms 4, your worm is about to crash all the fun and excitement that comes with this awesome holiday! Enjoy the holiday festivities and play Effing Worms 4 now!

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Aside from the millions of party-goers, there are a few main characters in Effing Worms 4 – New York City. And your worm finds each of them very, very tasty!

  • TV Crews
  • Radio Broadcasters

Game Setting

Your worm has travelled great distances, and is becoming incredibly hungry when he realizes his surroundings. New York City. And best of all, it’s New Year’s Eve in New York City. As he looks around, taking in the huge skyscrapers, massive mansions, tall apartment complexes, and the millions of tourists and residents browsing around the local streets, his stomach begins to grumble. It’s dinner time!

Effing Worms 4


The player controls in Effing Worms 4 – New York City are similar to those in the previous versions of this game.

  • Use A, S, D, W to move your worm up, down, left, and right.
  • You may also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your worm in the direction you want him to go.
  • Press the P button to pause the game.
  • Press the M button to mute the game’s sound.
  • Click the “Kill Me” button to blow up your worm into little pieces and reset your game.
  • Click the “Fullscreen” button to toggle fullscreen mode on or off

New Effing Worms

Levels and Quests

Effing Worms 4 – New York City features 15 amazing levels, each increasingly more difficult than the last. Each level is filled with multiple quests you must complete i order to continue to the next. As you complete each level, you will unlock the next level as well as unlock items in the game shop that can help you advance further.

The quests initially start out easy. For instance, in level one you simply need to kill 10 TV Crews. However, as you start getting into the higher levels, the tasks become much harder, with much more needing done to complete them. Level 8 requires your worm to kill 100 townspeople, 10 TV crews, 5 radio crews, and destroy 50 buildings.

Game Shop

Somewhere along the way, as you are destroying the city and devouring everything in sight, you also need to collect stars. Collecting these stars will help you unlock and purchase various items in the game shop to speed up, strengthen, and grow your worm to massive proportions!